Daily Income Businesses In Nigeria.

In order to be rich in this country Nigeria, or anywhere else in the world, you must have a business that provides you daily income, that is to say, you must have daily income businesses.

In order to be rich in this country Nigeria, or anywhere else in the world, you must have a business that provides you daily income, that is to say, you must have daily income businesses.

Especially in these days where job opportunities are not forthcoming, even for those who have graduated from higher institutions with degrees.

Hence, you must position yourself where you have a business, even if it’s a small-scale business; that can provide you with info on a daily basis.

In this article, therefore, I am going to reveal to you some of the daily income businesses in Nigeria, and how you can invest and make more money on a daily from them.

1. Provision Store.

Having a provision store where you sell various commodities like cosmetics, snacks, drinks, etc is one kind of business that will help you make daily income.

You don’t have to wait until you have big money to start this business, as you can even construct a shade in your frontage, or even use your verandah or sit out if it’s close to the street.

With a small capital like 50k, you can visit a wholesale shop and choose the various commodities you’d like to sell.

2. Fast food restaurant.

Most people procrastinate on starting a fast food joint because they don’t have money to rent a shop.

But fast food does not generally require a shop as you can even set it up via the following ways:

  1. Construct a shade by the roadside, or wherever you can find space in your environment, and keep at least 2 benches and tables that will help your customers sit comfortably and eat their food. You can also buy takeaway packs and sell them to customers who will prefer eating their fast food at home or their offices.
  2. Buy a large wheelbarrow that will contain your food packs and start a mobile fast food, that will enable you to move from place to place and sell for those who are too busy to visit restaurants or fast food joints.

3. Selling of foodstuffs.

Aside from selling a provision store or fast food joint, you can decide to concentrate on selling foodstuffs alone.

You may choose to construct a small shade in your home or space you can rent for this business.

Or better still find a space in a daily market square where you will be going every day to sell your foodstuffs.

Once people start to know you are into this business, they will even visit you at home to buy their foodstuffs.

You can sell multiple foodstuffs ranging from vegetables, fish and crayfish, periwinkles, garri, foofoo, etc.

4. Transportation business.

The transportation business is one business that has provided daily income for so many Nigerians.

I know a friend who rides Keke napep to put himself through the university and still Carter for his family of 4.

I even grew up to see an uncle who rides Okada to this day and uses the income to raise his family and send his children to school.

Once upon a Time in my own life, I used to shuttle airport taxis for survival, and I can attest to the fact that it was very profitable; because I used to take between 50 to 100k every week.

So whatever means of transport you can afford, from Okada, Keke Napep, Taxi, Bus, etc. You can start a transportation business today and make a daily income.

5. Selling of okrika.

Okrika is second-handed clothing materials in Nigeria, and it is one business that can help you make daily income.

Though it will require you to move from market to market, almost every day; when you become well established in the business, customers will always visit you at home to buy.

You can also construct a shade or find a space in your neighborhood or anywhere there is a population to make your daily sales.

To buy the materials, you will have to visit the agents in big stores it warehouses, or better still, buy from a third-party seller.

6. Selling of fruits.

Selling fruits is one business that is fetching so many people money on a daily basis.

This business makes a lot of profit because you will have to buy the fruits in bags and retail.

The main trick to succeeding and making so much profit in this business is to either grow your own farmland for fruits or buy directly from the farmers after harvest.

The former will involve you buying or leasing a plot of land; that’s if you have none. While the latter will just require you to be connected with the farmers who are going to do the planting and harvesting.

You can then secure a shade in the market, or a popular space in the street and sell your fruits.

But note that fruits are perishable items that will require you to sell out within a short period of time.

7. Photography.

Another daily income business in Nigeria is photography.

It involves renting a space in the street and doing a little poster that will help people understand they can take their wait and take passports with them.

Though this will involve investing a little bit of cash as you will have to buy a camera and digital photography printer.

8. Vulcanizer.

So many people will always run into trouble with their vehicles and motorcycles tire.

Either it picks nails or other objects and becomes falt, or simply leaks air due to some faults.

And you can put yourself in a position to fix that by becoming a vulcanizer.

All you need to do is buy the vulcanizing machine and some other equipment, then secure a place by a busy roadside.

And you will soon have customers flooding in their numbers.

9. Plaiting of hair.

This is not for ladies alone as I have seen lots of guys making a living from plaiting women’s hair.

All you need to do is undergo the training of how to do this, then rent a space in a busy area and your customers will start troping in.