Why Having A Website Is Very Important For Your Business.

why having a website is important for your business

In this article, you are really going to learn why having a website is very important for your business.

We are presently living in a digital age where every human ideas and business are gradually moving to the internet.

And for that reason, it is very crucial for humans to take their ideas, creativity, business, etc online.

If you don’t have a website today for your business; then you are probably losing out on so many opportunities, for your life and business.

Your website is very important because it will help you to build credibility as a brand or business.

You can consider your website as your office, store, shop, marketplace, etc.

Let us see the various reasons why you should consider having a website in 2022.

1. Having a website is less expensive.

One of the importance of having a website is that it is less expensive. Unlike an office or shop where you will have to spend thousands or millions to rent, buy or build.

You can get a professional and fully optimized website for a minimal fee per year.

It only involves purchasing a domain name and hosting.

Nowadays, you don’t have to hire a web designer who will have to do coding for your website to work.

You can simply install a website builder like WordPress which will allow you to install free themes and plugins you can customize to your preference.

2. Website vs social media.

It is so unfortunate that so many people still depend on using social media to create awareness for their brand or business.

But understanding how social media algorithm works will make you rethink and consider having your own website; instead of depending on social media.

Now when you study the posts you publish on social media; you will discover that the ones that tend to promote you as a brand or business are not getting the reach you expect.

Imagine having 100,000 followers on social platforms, and when you publish a post; you cannot even get up to 100 likes, talk less of comments, and share.

Even when you put money aside to boost a post; as social media recommends for business, it will still be hard to reach the right and in so doing, get a good return for your expenses.

But with your website, you can use content marketing to make your website rank and appear on search results and in so doing bring an inflow of organic traffic to your business.

3. Website will help you reach a wider audience organically.

It is estimated that 93% of every website traffic comes from search engines that you don’t have to spend a dime for.

Thus, websites do not depend on paid advertising or algorithm to reach a wider audience; as the social platforms, we mentioned above do.

So long as you have relevant contents that rank on search engines; you will get thousands of visitors flooding into your website every day, without spending a dime.

And when you compare this to a physical office or store, you will discover that it is more better than sitting in your shop all day; anticipating customers to come to find you.

Also, the physical store will restrict you from reaching customers who are far removed from your location.

But with a website, you can reach people anywhere in the whole wide world.

4. Website will help you establish customer trust.

If you have good customer feedback and delivery on your website; it can help you to establish trust with your customers.

You can do this by having a one on one 24 hours chat integration that helps you communicate directly with your customers.

And also a testimonial section on your website, where customers can testify about the validity of your products or services.

5. Website helps people to easily access information about your brand or business.

Having a website will make it much easier for people to gather information about you and your business.

That is why we have the About Me page which allows you to put up all the necessary information about your brand or business.

And their people will get to read about you and your business, find out what you do and offer, and get answers to all the questions they might ask about to brand or business.

6. Websites will help you generate leads and sales.

You can build a website for free on tools like WordPress.

And even though this does not cost so much money, it can make your website to become explosive.

If you can optimize your website properly for search engines, you can have thousands of potential customers buying your goods and services.

And in so doing, you will generate more leads and sales that will lead to higher conversion rates.

7. Website will give you unlimited opportunities.

Having a website for your business will make it possible for people all around the world to find you and your business.

And this will make it possible for you to sell your goods and services beyond the geographical reach of your marketing efforts.

And this is because opportunities on the internet abound, and they are unlimited.


So these and many more are the reasons why having a website is very important for your business.

And if we have been able to convince you about having a website, you need to know and understand how to have one.

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